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    Keep drinking that comforting cup of morning Joe—it could help prevent a stroke.

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    If someone steals and uses your personal information, take these three steps as soon as possible:


    How Can Opening An Email Crash My Computer?

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    YOUNG AT HEART: Senior citizens have not retired from the dating scene and are trying out online options.


    Inspirational senior quotes and quotes on aging that are sure to cause a pause for reflection.


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Founded in 2012 with a hope of restoring reverence, care and concern for the elderly, frail, disabled and vulnerable. Each Monday morning at 10:00am EST on WYCB, 1340AM, The Senior Zone unites seniors age 50+ with the tools, resources, programs and services in the Washington, DC metro area. The Senior Zone is devoted to senior citizens, their caregivers and the families who support them. The Senior Zone provides unbiased information through a variety of professional organizations and subject matter experts throughout the U.S.

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